About Me


My transition from Tech Writer to Photographer happened in 2011, 3 years after moving to Paris. I wanted to express myself more, and it started with a blog. Afterwards, I found myself looking forward to taking more photos and sharing it to the world.

This idea in my head to document important and interesting things for me just happened. With all this motivation, hard work, and commitment towards my craft, here I am.


I focus on Interior Photography.

My first encounter with paid photography was working in the Bateaux Parisiens as a seller and sometimes, a photographer. I took photos of tourists and sold them the printed picture afterwards.

Then I got lucky and in October 2011, I started working with Airbnb as an Interior Photographer, and to this day, I have shot over 3000++ apartments in Paris and its suburbs, hoping to do more!

My Style

As I step inside someone's home, I start by looking around the apartment or house, put unnecessary clutter away, set up my material and start shooting.

I take my time doing production work so that I will look forward to the post production. I also like to chat with clients while working.

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